Search for Security Vendor

Use the Security Vendor Search Form to start the search process. If you already have a security project RFP prepared, use our free RFP Distribution service to submit it for review and distribution to our members.

Advance Preparation

A little advance preparation before submitting your security vendor search form is very important.  Below is a list of what you will need to have ready in order to complete steps of the security vendor search submission process:

  • your business contact information, decision maker information
  • areas of safety and security concerns
  • project scope of work
  • start date and completion date
  • your project budget
  • security service location
  • need for a site visit is mandatory, if security clearance is needed, include the levels
  • risk assessment/security survey status

Once your information is submitted through our system, our staff will review and process it for distribution to our members.

The more complete your submission, the higher quality security proposals you will receive and the less time you will spend fielding questions.  Our goal is to find the most qualified security provider to fit your project needs.

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