Affiliates Terms and Conditions

How it works

Use this system to refer your security vendor customers to our site who need access to a security network or association.

Your Affiliate ID and Affiliate Links: Every affiliate has a unique Affiliate ID which is used to identify and relate incoming visits to your affiliate account. Your Affiliate ID is available on the Affiliate Area page where you will find your Affiliate Link, performance stats and additional resources.

Simply paste a link or banner code on your site using your Affiliate ID. If a visitor clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, our system records a referral that reflects your participation in our affiliate program.

You can also use the social sharing facilities provided on each page of our site to promote our products. Please make sure to be logged in when you share a link to the site through Twitter, Facebook or other social media. This is important as the link you share contains your Affiliate ID so that we can track referred purchases back to you.

Our system uses cookies to track visitors who click your affiliate links. They need to be using cookies so our system can track them.

If a customer does not allow cookies or clears the cookies in their browser, we can’t track the purchases they make back to you. Unfortunately this is not something we control, it can happen but it’s not common.

The cookies used to track referrals expire within 30 days.

Your use of our affiliate program is subject to a fair and correct use policy which gives us the right to review every referral.

Things you must avoid

You may not refer customers to us by implying our endorsement or confusing them about the ownership of your site or the products advertised.

You may not do anything or act in any way that might be confusing or misleading or intentionally deceptive to promote our site or products.

You may not act in any way that may not meet our standards at our discretion (and these are pretty common sense) – do not try to fraud, mislead or confuse visitors and customers. Do not deploy or design any artifacts that could be used to fraud, confuse or mislead visitors or customers.

You may not distribute our products through your site.

You may not refer yourself or earn commissions on your own purchases. Referrals that have been produced to obtain a virtual discount through your affiliate commission will be rejected.

You may not use our brands, trademarks, intellectual property, design elements or copyrighted material from our site unless you have our written confirmation. You must contact us before using any elements and unless we respond with a confirmation, you should assume that permission to do so has been denied.

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM. You may not send unsolicited emails or distribute messages in any way which may constitute spam.

You may not breach any laws to promote our site and products. This includes any act of breach of privacy, trademarks, intellectual property, copyrights and spam.

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your participation in our affiliate program complies with any applicable laws and/or these Affiliate Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy.

Not being a real affiliate – affiliate accounts that only show activity around the time a referred order is placed will result in the corresponding referral being rejected. We do not allow the use of our affiliate program as a means to obtain virtual discounts on your own orders or one-off referrals.

If we find that your participation in our affiliate program does not meet these terms, we will disable or terminate your account. We make the final decision on whether or not your use of our affiliate program is in breach with our terms or any applicable laws. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions voids your affiliate membership and any outstanding payments.

Things you can do

You may use your affiliate links and banners to promote our products on your site. The appropriate resources are provided in the Affiliate Area.

You may write blog posts or guest blog about products, services and areas of interest that are related to the products that you are marketing. Note that you can link to any page on our site, so you can also promote specific products by linking to the appropriate product page with your affiliate link appended.

You may use text links and banner ads on your site and social services to promote pages and products on our site using your affiliate link. This can include a post on your Facebook timeline or a tweet on Twitter, etc.

Good luck!

Great to see that you’ve made it through to the end of these terms. If you have understood and agree to these terms, join our affiliate program if you haven’t already and head over to the Affiliate Area to promote our services.

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